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Songs From a Galaxy Far, Far Way...

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Star Shanties: Songs From a Galaxy Far, Far Away premiered at the 2022 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Inspired by the Star Wars universe, the theatrical production was written and directed by Arthur Rowan (book, music, and lyrics), and co-produced by Arthur Rowan and Ashley Willsey. 


"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." The Wretched Hive - a "100% totally legitimate cargo ship" - is stranded on a backwater system in the Outer Rim. Its smuggler crew has no other recourse but to perform some of their favorite shanties in order to raise the credits for repairs. Featuring songs such as Old Man Thrawn, Running Down from Kessel, and Hondo Ohnaka, it's a shanty showcase of galactic proportions.


The original (2022) production was directed by Arthur Rowan and featured Taylor Harrell as Barrett, Ryan J. Lynch as Jander, Mark Miller as Captain Vale, Jandrea Novak as Mynoc, and Charles Stevens as Rafe. Photography by McKenzie Lakey, scenic design by Jake Lockwood, costumes by Ashley Willsey, and promotion by UpstageRight Marketing. 


Twin Suns Entertainment, LLC

Arthur Rowan

Creator & Director

Ashley Willsey

Producer & Creative Director

Bright suns!
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